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Internet Marketing Consultation Service

*Author WebPages* As an add on service, we can also provide you with a simple book webpage for marketing purposes (and which you can forward to direct from a domain name of your choosing). For some samples, see here.

Our Internet Marketing Consultation Service is a value adding service for all of our clients - and is part of the standard POD service.  Many authors want to market their book over the internet themselves and/or want to make the most of an or listing - and we have access to tools that may indicate niche area traffic to target

For each book published through us we offer up to 2 hours consultation, which can cover website design, marketing, listings, ebooks and any other aspect of how to be successful when selling over the internet.  

Consultations will be carried out by an experienced Microsoft Certified consultant holding the following qualifications:

MCP+I - Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional

Your consultation will especially benefit you if you have web development needs, as we can put you in touch with professionals who will do you top quality work at an excellent price. The information we will provide you will save you significant amounts over what you might normally pay for internet development and marketing.